Used devices

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Trailer mounted work platform

Trailer mounted work platforms are the inexpensive alternative to truck mounted work platforms. Their low height and low weight predestine them for the use in confined field conditions or on floors with a low load capacity.

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Truck mounted work platform

Be it for jobs on a church tower, on a wind power station or for cutting trees: our used truck mounted work platforms can be used universally.

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Scissor work platforms

Wherever heavy loads need to be mounted up high, scissor work platforms are the first choice. The work platforms offer a lot of space and lift up to 1.000 kg. There are also more compact models available in the GS working platform offer.

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Telescopic and articulated telescopic work platforms

The ideal partner for construction, servicing and maintenance. They offer a large lateral coverage; they can be operated from the top and reach the furthest corner thanks to its articulated telescopic construction.

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Office and room containers

A lot of space for materials, popular as a flexible office or as an immediately available common room.

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Construction machines

Telescopic forklifts, forklifts, excavators, wheel loaders, dumpers in top condition.

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